This is a vegetable grown in cool climates, similar to cauliflower, more hardy but not so fine in quality. Follow directions for cooking and serving cauliflower, except that broccoli requires about 20 m. only for cooking.

Brussels Sprouts

Wash, pick off outside leaves, lay in cold water 1/2 - 1 hour, drain. Boil in salted water (in cheese cloth if convenient), 15-30 m. according to age; do not cook until soft. Drain carefully, pile in center of dish; serve with hot cream poured over, or with sauce 16, 19, 34, 57, olive oil or French dressing. May add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to each 1/2 cup of 34.


Swiss Chard or Spinach Beet, affords two distinct dishes from the same plant at one time. Strip the leafy part of the foliage from the stalk and cook as greens. Cook and serve the stalks the same as asparagus. The leaves and stalks may be cooked together as greens.

Young shoots of poke or scoke are sometimes served as "French Chard."


When parsley is fresh, wash, shake and keep in a thick paper sack near the ice. When withered, put at once into ice water until refreshed.

To dry, pick off the leaves and stand in a warm place. It is better than not any when fresh is not obtainable.


Wash radishes well with brush, trim off all but the small green leaves, stand in ice water 1/2 - 1 hour. Serve on glass dish with cracked ice, or in a bed of shredded lettuce or of spinach leaves, or with a parsley border.

Pare winter radishes and cut into quarters. Serve sprinkled with parsley, or as other radishes.

Vegetable Stew

Cook separately 1 pt. of string beans, 2 small potatoes and 2 small carrots cut into small pieces, and 1 pt. of green peas.

When tender, drain, put all together, add salt and cream or a thin cream sauce.

This makes a very pretty as well as a palatable dish.