Trumese may be cut down the center, if loaf is round, laid on its flat surface, sliced and served with celery, olives, apples, salt and oil, oil and lemon juice; Chili, chutney, apple or gooseberry sauce or jelly.

When serving trumese to any one for the first time, prepare it in some of the hot ways, either broiled with a nice sauce, or in cutlets or pie perhaps, since many people would not be favorably impressed with it cold, until their taste had been educated to it.

"Taste is a matter of education." We naturally like what we have been accustomed to.

Trumese Salad Entree

1 tablespn. chopped parsley 3/4-1 teaspn. celery salt

3/4 tablespn. chopped onion 1/2 cup olive oil

3/4-1 teaspn. salt 1/3 cup lemon juice

Mix dry ingredients, add oil, then lemon juice slowly, stirring. Pour this over I lb. of trumese which has been cut in suitable shapes and laid in a flat pan. Let stand 2 hrs. or longer. Serve on lettuce leaves or with garnish of tomato and lemon.

Trumese-Jelly Sauce

Add jelly or jelly and lemon juice to melted butter in a sauce pan and when hot dip slices of broiled trumese in the sauce, lay them on a platter and pour sauce over.

Trumese and Italian Sauce on Biscuit or Dumplings

Lay steamed dumplings or split biscuit on platter, pour hot sauce over and cover or surround with slices of broiled trumese.

Trumese with Poached Egg

Broil round slices of trumese and serve with a nicely poached egg on each slice. Do not forget the parsley garnish. The trumese and soft poached egg make a delightful combination. Cream sauce poured over the slices of trumese before the eggs are put on makes a very rich dish.

Trumese and Eggs

Mix nut butter smooth with water or tomato, add chopped ripe olives. Spread round slices of broiled trumese with the mixture, just warm in oven and slide a nicely poached egg on to each.

Trumese with Mushrooms

Lay slices of broiled trumese on platter with crisp toast points surrounding. Place broiled mushrooms on trumese, pour hot (not browned) melted butter over and serve.

Trumese in Tomato

This is one of the most satisfying preparations and is just as good cold as warm.

Pour enough slightly salted, strained or unstrained stewed tomato over the bottom of a granite pan to cover it well. Lay 3/4 in. slices of trumese in the tomato and heat all in a moderate oven until the trumese has absorbed the tomato and is well dried. If too moist, the character is not developed. The pulp in the pan is all the sauce that is required. Ripe olives are an excellent accompaniment.

Trumese with Onions

Lay slices of broiled trumese in baking pan, cover with sliced onions and sprinkle with salt mixed with browned flour. Pour a little oil, melted butter or nut cream over. Add a little water when necessary. Cover and bake until onions are tender. Remove cover at the last. Make gravy of the remains in the pan after trumese is removed by adding water and thickening. Strain into a howl or over trumese. May serve on boiled rice.

Spanish Trumese

Cover "Trumese with Onions" with stewed, or raw sliced, tomatoes about 1/2 hour before it is done and make gravy the same.

Trumese Smothered with Bananas

Cover slices of broiled trumese with sliced bananas, sprinkle lightly with salt, pour a little lemon juice over and bake until bananas are soft. Serve hot or cold.

Trumese Baked with Onion Dressing

Place layers of broiled trumese in a pan with a little water, cover with a dressing made in the proportion of 2 cups bread crumbs, 2 chopped onions, 1 level tablespn. butter or oil and 2 beaten eggs. Bake, covered, 1/2 hour, uncover and brown on top grate. Make gravy in pan by adding consommé and thickening, after the trumese and dressing are removed. Or, lay slices of stale bread over trumese, cover with sliced onions and a little oil, sprinkle with salt and bake 1 hour covered.

Trumese Shortcake--Italian Sauce

Add trumese in small dice to hot Italian sauce; heat to boiling and pour over split hot shortcake crust, in two layers.

Serve shortcake on chop tray or platter, suitably garnished.

Cream of mushroom or Boundary Castle sauce may be used the same.

Trumese Scallop with Cracker Crumbs

Sprinkle cracker crumbs in bottom of dish with chopped onion and the least bit of powdered sage. Pour a little sauce No. 41 over and cover with a thin layer of minced trumese. Continue these layers, pour a larger quantity of sauce over the last layer of trumese, then sprinkle with crumbs, dot with butter and bake till well heated through and delicately browned over the top.

Onion and sage may be omitted. Zwieback crumbs may be used instead of cracker, and sauce No. 8 or 46 in place of 41 for other scalloped dishes.

Elsa's Roll of Trumese

3 pts. minced trumese 2 eggs salt

1 cup cracker dust or granella 1/2 cup milk

Shape into a large roll; bake 1/2 hour, basting occasionally with oil or butter, and water. Serve with any desired sauce or accompaniment.

Cannelon of Trumese

1 pt. minced trumese

(or part nutmese) 1 1/3 tablespn. butter or oil

1-3 teaspns. chopped onion 1 teaspn. chopped parsley salt

Form into roll, cover with pastry crust, fastening well at the ends, and bake in moderate oven 20-30 m. Serve with 16, 34 or any desired sauce. Shelled whole hard boiled eggs may be put into the center of the roll for a novelty, when desired.

Trumese Rissoles, Pasties or Turnovers

Cut pastry crust into circles the size of a large saucer or small plate. Lay a spoonful of the filling of Cannelon of Trumese on one side of each; fold the other side over (after moistening edges) like a turnover. Bake. Nice for travelling lunches.