Prepare apples and pineapple, equal quantities, or 1/3 only of pineapple, according to directions on p. 275. Just at serving time, combine with cream dressing-sweet, and serve in dainty glasses or cups (individual), each on a small plate with a doily and a cut flower or leaf or a spray of some delicate vine. This is a sample of what may be done with any of the followings combinations and many others:

Apple with orange or strawberries, red raspberries, canned cherries, cherries and celery, or celery.

Banana with apple or strawberries, red raspberries, pineapple, orange or celery.

Pineapple with orange, red raspberries, strawberries, cherries or celery.

Orange with red raspberries, strawberries, cherries or celery.

Fresh ripe peaches, seeded sweet grapes with solid flesh, and sweet apples are among the suitable fruits for salads.

The almond butter dressing is as desirable as the cream dressing.

Pear and apple or apple or pineapple alone with the almond dressing are especially delightful. The whipped cream dressing may be used when more convenient.