Caramel Jelly

Tie 2 to 4 tablespns. cereal coffee in double cheese cloth and steep in 1 qt. of milk in double boiler for 20 m; squeeze the milk all out of the cloth, add enough more milk to make a full quart and proceed as in blanc mange. Serve with custard sauce or sometimes with plain or whipped cream flavored with vanilla.

Pudding may be flavored and the cream plain.

1/4 cup of strong cereal coffee may be used with 3/4 qt. of milk when more convenient.

Raspberry Jelly

1 qt. milk 1/2 to 1 cup sugar

1 scant cup corn starch 1 pt. raspberries

Blend corn starch with part of the milk and stir into remainder of milk when boiling; add sugar and mashed berries, turn into mold, cool. Unmold on to dessert plate and surround with whipped cream roses, or with spoonfuls of cream with a whole berry here and there.

Farina Banana Cream

3 cups milk 1 cup cream 3 1/2 - 4 1/4 level tablespns. farina

3-4 tablespns. sugar 3 medium sized, very ripe bananas

Heat milk and cream with sugar in double boiler, stir in dry farina, cook 1 hr. Spread in layers with sliced bananas. Serve cold in cups or glasses the day it is made. The farina will be very thin when done, but will thicken to the consistency of cream by cooling, and if it is thicker than that it is not good.

Omit bananas, flavor cream with vanilla and serve cold in glasses for Farina Cream.

Almond Custard

Rub 2 tablespns. almond butter smooth with 1 cup of water; add 1 or 2 tablespns. sugar and 1/4 level teaspn. salt; boil up well; serve warm or cold in cups or glasses with cake, wafers or buns. Flavor with vanilla or with vanilla and almond if desired.

Imperial Raspberry Cream

1 pt. cream 1 cup sugar 3/4 pt. raspberry juice

Dissolve sugar in juice, add to boiling cream, boil, stirring, until of the consistency of thin cream. It will be much thicker when cold. Serve in glasses with cookies, sticks or wafers. May be used as a sauce for cottage or other puddings; especially suitable for Irish moss or gelatine blanc mange. Grape and other fruit juices may be used.

Steamed Apples-Cream

While hot, sprinkle nicely steamed apples with sugar in individual dishes. Serve cold with suitable nut or whipped dairy cream.

Clabber--for summer only Put fresh warm milk into an individual bowl for each member of the family. When it has turned and become a smooth, blanc mange-like cake, serve in the bowls with sugar sprinkled over, for dessert or supper.