Orange Egg Cream Sauce

2 eggs 4 tablespns. orange juice

1/3 cup sugar 1/4 cup cream

Beat whites of eggs stiff, add orange flavored sugar, or use grated rind of orange, beat; then chop in yolks, orange juice and whipped cream.

Nice for fig, apple tapioca and other puddings.

Almond Cream Sauce

2 tablespns. almond butter 3-4 tablespns. sugar 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 cup boiling water salt

1 tablespn. orange flower water or a few drops of almond extract with or without 1/3 teaspn. vanilla

Blend butter, sugar and salt; add water slowly, boil up well, remove from fire and add flavoring. Serve hot or cold. 1 teaspn. flour and a little more water may be used.

Grape and Almond Sauce

2 level tablespns. almond butter 2/3 cup rich grape juice

2 tablespns sugar

2 tablespns. lemon juice

1/2 cup water

Blend almond butter and water, add sugar, bring to boiling point, remove from fire and add lemon and grape juice. The sauce may be made thinner.

Almond Whipped Cream

Rub 2 tablespns. almond butter smooth with 3 tablespns. water and chop lightly into the white of an egg that has been beaten to a stiff froth with 1 tablespn. of sugar.

Almond Cream for Puddings or Cereals

2 teaspns. flour 2 tablespns. almond butter

1 cup water little salt

3/4 cup distilled water

Heat 1 cup of water to boiling and thicken with the flour blended with cold water; rub almond butter smooth with salt and distilled water; add the thickened water, beat well, serve cold.

Custard Sauce

1 pt. milk yolk of 3 eggs

2-3 tablespns. sugar

1/2 teaspn. vanilla, or a few drops of almond extract

Cook all together in inner cup of double boiler until mixture will coat the back of a spoon. Remove at once from fire and set in pan of cold water.

For plum pudding, the custard may be flavored with orange and vanilla.

Maple Syrup Sauce

Boil 1/2 cup maple syrup with 1/4 cup water (or if syrup is thin, 3/4 cup syrup and no water) until it threads. Add gradually, beating, the stiffly-beaten whites of 2 eggs and 1/2 cup cream.

For some desserts, add 1 teaspn. lemon juice.

Maple Sugar Sauce

1/2 lb. of grated maple sugar, 1 cup milk or thin cream, salt. Simmer together a few minutes, stirring often.

Molasses Sauces

Cream - 1 cup molasses, 1/2 cup cream. Whip cream, heat molasses and pour over it, beating. Serve at once.

Butter - 1 cup molasses, 1/4 cup butter, boil 5 m.

Lemon Juice - 1 cup molasses 1 tablespn. butter

1 tablespn. lemon juice salt

Boil 10 m.

Molasses sauces are nice with rice, bread and puff omelets and steamed or cottage puddings.

Plain Pudding Sauce

Rub to a cream 1/4 cup butter (1 tablespn. would do) and 1 cup brown or granulated sugar; add 1 tablespn. flour, pour on gradually 1 1/4 cup boiling water; boil 5 m., stirring; flavor with vanilla, or add 1 tablespn. lemon juice.

Rose Sauce

Boil to a thin syrup 1 pt. of water and 1 1/2 cup of sugar, add a very little salt, a trifle of red fruit color and 1-3 drops of extract of rose with or without I or 2 tablespns. of lemon juice.

Serve with snow pudding or blanc mange.

For Red Sauce, slice a rich red beet into the water, let stand 15-20 m. in a hot place without boiling, strain, add sugar and at the last, lemon or vanilla flavoring or both, with lemon juice.