Tapioca Puddings--Granular Tapioca

Any of the granular preparations-minute tapioca, cassava, manioc or manioca may be used.

5 tablespns. tapioca 1 cup warm water soak 10-30 m.

Syrup - 3/4 - 1 cup sugar 1/2 teaspn. salt

3 cups water

Stir together until dissolved.


Prepare syrup in flat bottomed granite or porcelain lined pan. When boiling, drop in, inside down, quarters of 6 medium sized, juicy apples. Cook until nearly tender, add soaked tapioca, pressing it down into the syrup, cover dish and simmer slowly until tapioca is transparent, 5-15 m. Serve warm (not hot) or cold, plain or with orange egg cream or custard sauce if cold; or orange or cocoanut flavored hard sauce if warm; or with nut or whipped dairy cream.


Make the same as Apple Tapioca, using twice as many peaches, in halves.

Strawberry, Raspberry and Other Berries

Cook soaked tapioca in the syrup and pour over the berries; mix carefully and pour into a pudding or fancy dish. Serve cold. A fluff of the fruit may be used for the sauce, if any.

Stewed or Canned Fruit-Cook soaked tapioca in the syrup and pour over drained canned fruit. Serve warm, with the juice of the fruit (to which a little lemon juice and sugar have been added if needed), thickened a trifle with corn starch or arrowroot; or, cold with whipped cream, custard or other sauce.


Steam figs until tender (30-35 m.), cut in pieces with shears and stir into tapioca cooked in the syrup. Serve warm or cold with orange egg cream sauce.


Cook tapioca in syrup with a little lemon juice if desired, and add quartered, slightly sweetened stewed prunes. Serve with rich juice of prunes, cream or whipped cream.

Apple Tapioca Pudding-Pearl or Flake Tapioca

Soak 1/2 cup pearl or flake tapioca in 5 cups of warm water for 3 hours or over night. Pour over whole pared cored apples in pudding dish. Cover dish and bake until apples are tender and tapioca transparent. Serve warm with hard, foamy or creamy sauce, or cold with sweetened whipped cream.

If preferred, 3/4 - 1 cup of sugar may be added to the soaked tapioca and the pudding served plain or with unsweetened custard sauce or cream. When the pudding is to be served at the table, it may be covered with a meringue while hot and delicately browned in the oven. Use with other fruits the same as granular tapioca.

Sister Bramhall's Tapioca Cream

1/3 cup granular ( 1/2 cup pearl or flake) tapioca 1/2 - 3/4 cup sugar

1 qt. milk

1 teaspn. vanilla, or no flavoring:

1/2 teaspn. salt

Put all together in pudding dish, soak for I hour, stirring; then set in oven and bake slowly, stirring, until tapioca is transparent; brown over top at last; serve warm or cold.

May bake without stirring for 2 hrs. The pudding may be cooked entirely in a double boiler. 1 cup of raisins may be used for variety.

Sago Cream--instead of Ice Cream

3/4 cup sago 3/4 cup sugar

2 cups water with heavy cream, or 1 with thinner

3 cups heavy cream or 4 of thinner cream 1 1/2 teaspn. vanilla

Soak sago in warm water 1-3 hrs., add to cream and sugar in double boiler, cook, stirring, till sago is transparent; remove from fire, add a pinch of salt and the vanilla. Serve cold in glasses with two halves of a candied cherry or a bit of bright jelly on top. Strawberries cut in quarters, or red raspberries, may be placed in layers with the cream and a few berries laid on top.