Mint Cream

Add chopped mint to cream sauce. Use for green peas, mashed dry green peas, poached or hard boiled eggs and other dishes.

Cream of Celery

Use water in which celery was cooked, with cream, or milk and oil or butter, for cream sauce, and add stewed celery.

Cream of Onion Sauce

Add stewed, crushed, boiled onions to cream sauce. Or, add cooked onions to roux in pan, then add milk. Or, simmer without browning, chopped raw onions in oil, before adding flour.

Cream of Parsley

Chopped parsley in cream sauce.

Cream of Spinach Sauce

Pour cream sauce gradually stirring, into macerated, cooked spinach; heat; strain through wire strainer if necessary,


Finely-chopped, cooked purple cabbage in cream sauce.


Mashed or grated cooked carrots in cream sauce, with or without onion and garlic.

Brown Cream

Use 1 -1 1/2 (according to brownness) tablespn. browned flour in cream sauce recipe.

Egg Cream

Add yolks of 2 eggs to each pint of cream sauce.

Egg Cream No. 2

1 tablespn. butter, 1 teaspn. flour, 1 cup milk, 2 beaten eggs, salt, 1-2 tablespns. lemon juice if desired, chopped parsley.

Egg Cream-non-starch

For stewed cucumbers, oyster plant, asparagus and carrots. To each pint of vegetables, 1/2 tablespn. butter, 1/2 cup thin cream or rich milk, yolk of 1 egg, salt. Richer cream may be used and butter omitted. Use the yolks of 3 eggs only for a pint of cream.


Add hard boiled eggs in dice or coarsely-chopped, to cream sauce.

Bread Sauce

1/3 cup fine dry bread crumbs 1 pt. dairy or nut milk

(or 2/3 - 1 cup stale crumbs) salt

Soak crumbs in half the milk in double boiler till soft; beat until smooth; add salt and the remainder of the milk, heat, strain through coarse strainer, if necessary. If the milk is not rich a little butter may be added just before serving. Browned coarse crumbs (fine croutons) may be sprinkled over the dish with which the sauce is served.

Flavor sauce with onion, onion and sage, chives, celery salt, or onion and parsley, sometimes.

Bread and Bean Sauce-Sister Elsie's

1 cup mashed beans 1/4 - 1/2 cup bread crumbs (from salt rising bread if you have it)

1 1/2 cup rich milk, 1 teaspn. flour, salt

1 tablespn. butter, if desired Milk from raw nut butter gives another sauce.