The earliest varieties of green corn are never very sweet. By far the richest and sweetest are the yellow kinds, though the dark purple or black almost equals them. There are also some medium or later varieties of white corn that are excellent.

Corn is at its best the day it is gathered. When not perfectly fresh, cook corn in almost any other way than on the cob. Never cook it in salted water as salt hardens it. Corn requires the least salt for seasoning of any vegetable.


Put husked corn into boiling water and boil rapidly for 5-15 m., usually about 10 m., as that which requires 12-15 m. cooking is really too old to cook on the cob. Young, tender corn will cook in 5 m. Long boiling destroys the sweetness of corn and renders it tough.


Wrap ears of corn in cheese cloth and steam for 15-20 m.

Corn Slitter

Corn Slitter-For Individual Use At Table

Hold the ear of corn with one hand and draw the slitter with slight pressure. Three or four strokes will slit every grain on the cob. It does not remove the corn from the cob but cuts the hull of every grain. The delicious corn is obtained with the slightest pressure of the teeth, leaving the hulls on the cob.

To Prepare Corn for Muffins, Oysters, etc.-Slit the grains as described above, then, holding the slitter in the same position but elevating the hand use the front of the slitter as a scoop and push the corn into a dish.

Corn-Baked, Boiled or Steamed in Husks

Select nice tender ears of uniform size. Open the husks and remove the silk, then tie the husks close in place. A few of the heavy outside husks should be removed. Bake the ears in a hot oven, separate from each other, 15-20 m., remove the husks quickly and serve covered.

Or prepare in the same way and after tying, cut off the stalk and point of the ear and boil rapidly for 10-12 m. or steam for 10-20 m. Serve in the husks on napkin. The husks give a sweet flavor to the corn and help to keep it warm when they are not removed before serving.

Corn-Roasted-Best of All

Place husked corn in wire broiler or large corn popper and hold close to bed of hot coals, or lay on gridiron over the coals, turning the ears as necessary. The ears may be laid on the coals when more convenient and turned often, or they may be roasted in a very hot oven.


Prepare corn in either of the ways given for stewed corn; add salt, sugar if necessary, and enough rich milk to cover. Bake in hot oven 15-20 m.


Cover dried corn 1/2 in. (or more) deep with warm water, let stand over night. In the morning set in warm place and shortly before serving time increase the heat gradually until it is about at the boiling point, but not boiling. Season with a little cream, milk or butter, or with cream of raw or steamed nut butter and salt; heat, serve.

Or, cover with warm water 1 1/2 - 2 hours before meal time and keep hot (covered) on the back of the stove. Just before serving, season and heat just to boiling.

Or, best of all, cover quite deep with cold milk, let stand in cold place over night, cook in double boiler 1 hr. or longer, season, serve.