Cream of Rice Pudding

3 1/2 pts. milk 1 cup sugar

1/2 pt. cream 1/2 cup rice

Mix all together in pudding dish, set on top of stove or in oven and let come slowly to the boiling point, stirring often. When boiling, set in oven and bake slowly until rice is soft (2 hrs. or longer); stir occasionally to keep the top stirred in and to break the rice so that it will be smooth and creamy when done. If pudding becomes too thick while baking, add hot water; it should be quite thin when warm as it thickens in cooling. Brown the top delicately just before removing from the oven. Serve very cold the next day after making. In serving be sure to dip from the top to the bottom for each plate.

If you are using the ordinary polished rice, boil it for 5 m. in a pint of water, drain and rinse in cold water before adding it to the milk. When more convenient, cook the pudding in a double boiler until the rice is smooth and creamy, then turn into pudding dish and brown in oven, stirring the top in two or three times.

Rice Pudding With Raisins

Add 1 cup of raisins to preceding recipe before or during cooking. For a delicious change the raisins may be ground and added when the pudding is half done. English currants, fine cut dates, figs or citron may be variously added. Servings of pudding may be garnished with blanched almonds.

Cocoanut Rice

Add 1 to 1 1/2 cup cocoanut to cream of rice pudding and use 3/4 cup sugar only.

Nut Cream of Rice Pudding

2 tablespns. rice well washed 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 teaspn. salt

3 tablespns. almond or other nut butter rubbed smooth with 1 qt. of water

Cook, stirring often, in oven or on top of stove until creamy, then brown. May flavor just before it is done.

Indian Rice Pudding

2 tablespns. rice 1/2 teaspn. salt

1/2 cup molasses 2 qts. milk

Bake in slow oven 4 or 5 hours, stirring.