Milk And Tomato Bisque

1 pt. chopped cabbage 1 qt. stewed tomatoes, strained

1 pt. milk 1 tablespn. flour

1 tablespn. butter 1/2 cup cream

2 teaspns. flour salt

Cook cabbage 20-25 m., in just enough water to cook it tender. Add milk, heat, strain. Heat butter and the 2 teaspns. of flour and add cabbage flavored milk.

Thicken tomato with 1 tablespn. of flour and add thickened milk just before serving. Add salt the last thing. Turn over whipped cream in soup tureen or serve the cream by teaspoonfuls on each plate of soup. Cream may be omitted.

Milk may be flavored with onion instead of cabbage, or not flavored at all, but the cabbage gives an exceptionally fine flavor to the combination. Equal quantities of milk and tomato may be used, or twice as much milk as tomato, remembering to thicken both milk and tomato (if all the flour is put into the milk it makes it too thick to blend well with the tomato), to combine just before serving, and to add the salt last.

Milk and Tomato Bisque, with Eggs-Starchless

1 1/2 cup rich milk 2 eggs

1/2 cup water 1 cup strained tomato

1/2 tablespn. oil or melted butter salt

Cook milk, water, oil and eggs the same as a boiled custard. Remove from fire, add the hot tomato gradually, stirring, then salt. Serve at once.