Egg creams, in their great variety, are the most delightful ways of serving uncooked eggs, both for desserts and for invalids.

For preparing them, the ingredients and all utensils and dishes should be as nearly ice cold as possible.

The white of the egg should be beaten very stiff. The milk and cream should have been sterilized.

The creams must be prepared just at the time of serving as they become liquid and lose their creamy consistency very soon,

Set the glass or dish of cream on to a small plate with a doiley. and if possible lay a delicate flower or leaf beside it.

The recipes are given for one egg but several may be prepared at once, when required, by using a cake bowl for bearing.

Lemon juice added to the white renders it stiffer, but other juices and liquids soften it, so small quantities of them should used and they should be mixed in very lightly.

High colored fruits and juices should be poured between layers of the egg, not mixed with it.