Nice large ripe gooseberries are most enjoyable right from the bushes.


Wild blackberries are sweeter and finer flavored than cultivated ones and eaten in small quantities from the bush are very enjoyable, but they should not be taken in large quantities with their seeds. They may be served with nut, or whipped dairy cream. With a thin syrup of sugar and water they are delicious.


The most desirable of this family is the large purple soft pulpy sweet juicy berry growing in the swamps, and called in some parts of the country "blueberry.' It is delightful with nut or dairy cream or with sugar or in bread and milk. Its juice being so sweet it is one of the most suitable berries for sauce with cereals. In cakes puddings or pies it is equally enjoyable.

The so-called "huckleberry," though more seedy, has a nice flavor when cooked.