Raspberry Jam

1 pound of raspberries

3/4 pound of crushed loaf sugar

When the fruit has been carefully picked, put it with the sugar in layers on a dish, or in a deep bowl, according to the quantity of fruit that is to be preserved. Let it remain for four hours, and then turn it into a preserving pan, and bring it to a boiling point quickly, stirring almost continuously to prevent from burning. Remove the scum as it rises or the jam will not be clear. Let it boil gently for three-quarters of an hour, after it boils evenly all over. Turn it into jars, and when cold cover in the ordinary way, and store it in a dry place.

Raspberry Jelly

1 pint of raspberry juice 1 pound of loaf sugar

To draw the juice from the berries, put them in a jar, and bruise them slightly; then place the jar in a pan of boiling water and keep it boiling gently until the juice flows freely. Lay a piece of muslin in a fine sieve, and pour the juice into it until no more flows; then turn the fruit into the sieve, and leave it to let the juice drain away from it, but it must not be pressed or the juice will be muddy. Measure the juice carefully, and add the sugar in lumps, in the quantity given. Let it boil gently, and skim it carefully. When it has boiled for half an hour, pour a teaspoon on a cold plate, and if it sets the jelly is done; if not, let it boil a little longer. Put it in small pots, and cover when cold in the usual way. The flavor is. much improved by one part of red currant juice being used to two parts of raspberry.

Cooked Sultanas

Pick over, and clean any quantity of sultanas, and cover them with boiling water at night, and they are ready for breakfast next morning. May be eaten alone or with porridge or wheat flakes and cream.

Grape Sauce

1 pound Concord grapes

1 cup water

1/2 cup sugar

Pick the grapes from the stems. Add the sugar and the water, and cook gently until tender.

Quince Sauce

1 quart peeled and quartered quinces

2 cups sugar

Cook until tender.

2 quarts peeled and quartered apples Water to cover

Melon Compote

2 pounds melon 4 ounces sugar

1 teaspoon ground ginger Ginger

A bay leaf

Take off the hard outside of the melon, and remove all the center, cut into pieces about the size of a plum. Make a syrup of the sugar flavored with a little of the melon peel, bay leaf and the ginger, in about half a pint of water; let this simmer for about an hour, and pour it over the pieces of melon.

Baked Pears

6 medium-sized pears

1/2 cup brown sugar


Select firm and ripe pears, without blemish. Cut in halves lengthwise. Remove the core, and sprinkle with brown sugar, using a tablespoon for each pear. Dot each half with two or three small bits of butter. Bake until tender and nicely browned in a moderate oven. Serve with whipped cream.