Apple And Grape Salad

Pare apples and dice them. Wash the grapes, cut them in two and remove the stones. Mix the fruit and serve on lettuce leaves. Moisten with French dressing.

Fruit Salad

Mix one cup of diced oranges, one cup of diced apples, one cup of diced bananas and half a cup of stoned cherries. Any fruit may be combined as, grapes cut and seeded, grapefruit diced, oranges and berries. Put in a bowl and pour over them a French dressing. Serve cold.

Cheese With Salads

Cheese or cheese dishes are an acceptable addition to salads. Neufchatel or other cream cheese, either plain or mixed with pimientos and olives, may be served with lettuce or may be cut into slices and served on lettuce.

Cheese balls are often served with salad. They are made of some soft cream cheese and are frequently combined with chopped chives, olives, sweet peppers, chopped nuts, etc., for the sake of adding flavor. Spinach extract, etc., is sometimes mixed in for the sake of color. If the balls are rolled in chopped chives or parsley, both flavor and color are supplied.

Cheese And Pimiento Salad

Stuff canned pimientos with cream cheese, cut into slices, and serve one or two slices to each person on lettuce with French dressing. Watercress or endive may be used instead of lettuce.

Bulgarian Salad

1 cup chopped pecans 1 cup cream cheese, diced

1/4 cup cream

2 tablespoonsfuls lemon juice

1/4 cup cream dressing

Marinate the cheese and nuts with the lemon juice. Add the cream to the cream dressing and stir until smooth. Mix the cheese and nuts with the dressing. Serve upon a lettuce leaf.

Cut stalks of celery having deep grooves in them into pieces about two inches long. Fill the grooves with cream cheese salted or flavored with chopped pimientos, and served with bread and butter as a salad course or serve as a relish at the beginning of a meal.

Roquefort Salad

Fill cold and peeled tomatoes with grated Roquefort cheese and serve on lettuce leaves with French dressing. Cheese salads can be varied by adding chopped onion, olives, peppers, parsley, chives, pimientos or capers.

Cheese Salad And Preserves

Epicures have devised a dish which consists of lettuce with French dressing served with cream cheese and thick preparations of currants or other fruits preserved in honey or sugar, which, owing to the fact that the seeds have been extracted by a laborious process, are fairly expensive. The soft cheese often found in market is also relatively expensive. There is a suggestion in this dish, however, for others which are much less costly. Buttermilk cream or ordinary cottage cheese served with lettuce or other green salad and a small amount of rich homemade preserves, is a combination with much the same character, and also very appetizing.

Cheese And Olive Salad

Mash a cream cheese, and season with salt and paprika. Add 4 finely chopped olives, 4 lettuce leaves finely cut, and a piece of canned pimiento to give color. Press in original shape of cheese and let stand two hours. Cut in slices and serve on lettuce leaves with French dressing.