"The tender lettuce brings on softer sleep."

Aspic Jelly

Take two pints of cold water, one-quarter of an ounce of vegetable gelatine, one lemon, some pepper and salt, a pinch of cayenne and two tablespoonfuls of Tarragon vinegar. Soak the gelatine two hours in one pint of water, then add the other ingredients, strain the juice of the lemon. Put over a slow fire until the gelatine is dissolved, then boil two or three minutes, and strain through jelly bag.

Combination Salad

6 medium sized tomatoes 2 rather small cucumbers

6 radishes

1/2 sweet green pepper

French salad dressing

Arrange the salad on individual plates. Slice the tomato on a lettuce leaf, then add one-third of a cucumber, sliced. Slice the radishes, but do not peel. Arrange the sliced radishes over the tomato and cucumber. Chop the half of a sweet green pepper, taking care that it is a sweet pepper, and sprinkle one-half teaspoon of the chopped pepper on top of the other vegetables. Over this pour a tablespoonful of the French salad dressing. It is particularly important that the vegetables shall be in good condition and that the cucumber and radishes shall be crisp and tender. If somewhat wilted, immerse them in cold water for a half hour or more.

String Bean Salad

Select young, tender beans; remove the ends and the strings; cook, without breaking, in boiling, salted water until tender, which may require from one to three hours. Drain off the liquid and cool. Marinate with the juice of a lemon. Arrange the beans horizontally on a lettuce leaf on individual salad plates. Pour over the beans a French salad dressing. If preferred a good grade of canned string beans may be used instead of fresh ones.

Waldorf Salad

Mix two cups of celery cut fine, one dozen walnuts chopped, and one cup of diced apples. Serve on lettuce leaves covered with French dressing. The apple should be put in water as soon as it is cut to prevent discoloration.

Orange Salad

Mix a cup of pecan nuts and English walnuts with a cup of diced oranges, squeeze lemon juice over them, and let them stand for half an hour. Serve very cold with endive and French dressing.

Prune Salad

Cook one pound of large French prunes until tender; when cold remove the stones and chop the prunes and mix with one cup of chopped English walnuts or pecan nuts. Serve on lettuce and cover with French dressing.

Tomato Salad

Scald and peel firm tomatoes, cut a thin slice from the stem end, and remove the seeds and some of the pulp. Sprinkle the inside with salt, invert, and leave until needed. Mix chopped nuts with an equal quantity of cold cooked asparagus tips and one-half the quantity of finely cut celery moistened with dressing and a teaspoon of chopped chives. Serve on lettuce with French dressing.

Tomato And Cauliflower Salad

Scald and peel firm tomatoes and cut into quarters. Arrange them in a circle on lettuce leaves, with a floweret of cold cooked cauliflower, which has been marinated for half an hour in French dressing, between the quarters. Serve with a cream dressing.