Boiled Asparagus

Untie the bunch of asparagus, cut off the tough portion of the stalk, remove the scales, and wash very thoroughly. When thoroughly cleansed, retie with a white tape wide enough not to cut the asparagus. Stand in a kettle of boiling, salted water, and cook uncovered for ten minutes, allowing the tips to remain out of the water. Then lay the bunch down so that it is wholly covered with water, and cook another five minutes. Remove from the water, and serve with a dressing of melted butter. If desired, the asparagus may be served on toast. The asparagus may be cut in small pieces and cooked if preferred.

Asparagus In Cream

Untie the asparagus, wash, remove the scales, and cut into half-inch pieces. Cook in sufficient boiling water - salted - to almost cover for ten to twelve minutes. Drain off the liquid, and pour over the asparagus some hot milk and cream in the proportion of one-third cream and two-thirds milk; also add butter for seasoning. One quart of asparagus will require one-third cup cream, two-thirds cup milk, two tablespoons butter and one-half teaspoon salt; or a white sauce may be used.

Asparagus In Canapes

Prepare canapes by cutting stale bread into two and one-half-inch cubes. Remove a two-inch cube from the side, forming a square receptacle. Toast in oven until evenly browned. Place a few asparagus tips in canape and fill with cream sauce or cream tomato sauce.

Asparagus With Green Peas

1 pint cut asparagus 1/2 pint green peas Water to cover well

1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar 1 tablespoon butter

1/4 cup cream

Select peas as tender and fresh as possible, as peas lose their sweetness after being gathered. Cook in boiling, salted water. The asparagus should be crisp and tender. If somewhat wilted, throw into cold water for a half hour or so. Remove the scales, and wash thoroughly by dashing up and down in several waters to make sure that all sand is removed. Cut into half-inch lengths, and cook in enough boiling, salted water to cover well. When both are tender, mix the vegetables and add the butter and cream for seasoning. They are also delicious without the cream.