Jerusalem Artichokes

Cut the washed and peeled artichokes into cubes, put in a saucepan, and cover with milk, a pint to quart of cubes. Add one small onion, and cook twenty minutes. Beat together in tablespoon of butter and one level tablespoon of flour, and stir this into the boiling milk. Then season with a teaspoon of salt and one-quarter teaspoon of pepper, and continue the cooking half an hour longer. The cooking should be done in a double boiler.

French Artichokes

Trim the stems off and cut off some of the outside leaves and cut the top off straight across.

Remove the inside. Wash well, and place upside down to drain. Then put them in boiling water for half an hour or until an outside leaf will pull off easily; drain well and serve with Bechamel or Hollandaise sauce.

Artichoke Base

Cut away all the leaves of the artichokes, leaving the base. Boil these in salted water until tender, about twenty minutes. Serve hot or cold with Hollandaise sauce.

Scalloped Jerusalem Artichokes

I pound of artichokes

1/4 pound grated Parmesan cheese

4 tablespoons bread crumbs 2 ounces butter

Pepper, salt

Wash, and pare the artichokes; boil them until quite tender, which should be in twenty minutes. Press all the water from them, and rub them through a sieve. Now beat in one ounce of butter, and season them with pepper. Butter either a French baking dish or sufficient china scallop shells to hold the mixture, room being left in each shell for the Parmesan and bread crumbs. If a dish has been used, spread the Parmesan evenly over the artichoke puree, and then the bread crumbs in the same way. Break up the remaining ounce of butter, and scatter over the dish. If the scallop shells are used, the Parmesan, bread crumbs and butter must be divided according to the number of scallops. They should be browned nicely in a quick oven.

Fried Jerusalem Artichokes

Peel, and cut them through lengthwise, sprinkle with salt and fry in boiling oil or butter a golden brown. Drain on paper and serve very hot.