Bread Pudding A La Francaise

1 pound of stale pieces of bread

1 pint of boiling milk

2 ounces of butter

1 ounce of candied peel Essence of vanilla or cinnamon to taste

Put the pieces of bread into a basin, and pour over the boiling milk, and cover with a plate; let them stand for twenty minutes, and then add the butter, finely shredded candied peel and the flavoring. Mix thoroughly, and pour into a well-greased mold, and steam for three hours. Turn out carefully, and serve with jam or sauce.

Candied Fruit Pudding

1/4 pound candied fruit 1/4 pound of bread crumbs

2 ounces of flour 1/2 pint milk

2 ounces butter

Any kind of candied fruit that is getting a little damp to use as dessert will do for this pudding; if it is large, it should be shredded, but if cherries are used, they may be cut in half. Mix the flour with the bread crumbs and the candied fruit. Make the milk hot, and melt the butter in it, and pour it over the bread crumbs, etc. Have ready a buttered mold, and pour in the mixture, and steam for three hours. One of the wine sauces or plain sweet sauce may be served with this pudding. Or it may be served with butter, and cream and sugar.

Roly-Poly Pudding

Short paste Jam

Take any quantity of paste, according to the size of the pudding required, and roll it out half an inch thick. Spread the jam over the paste, leaving a margin of an inch all around. Now dampen the margin slightly, and fold the paste very lightly, but press the edges together. Wrap the pudding loosely in a buttered paper, and steam for four hours. Sweet white sauce can be served with it if liked. The pudding can be made with golden syrup instead of jam. Small berries are also good.

Omnibus Pudding

6 ounces of flour or rusk crumbs 4 ounces of butter

6 ounces of sultanas

4 ounces of golden syrup

1/2 pint milk

Mix the butter and flour together, and add the sultanas. Warm the syrup and milk together, and add to the rest. Steam in a well buttered basin for four hours. Serve with any white sauce.

Snowdon Pudding

8 ounces of white bread crumbs 6 ounces of butter

3 ounces of sugar 3 tablespoons of jam - peach or apricot

Mix the bread crumbs and butter together with the sugar and jam. Steam in a well-greased basin for about three hours. Serve with a sauce of the same jam as used in the pudding, and whipped cream.

Spotted Dick

6 ounces of flour

4 ounces of sultanas or raisins

3 ounces of butter

1 teaspoon baking powder


Chop the butter as you would suet, and mix into it the flour with the sultanas or raisins, and the baking powder. Add as much water as will make a paste thick enough to roll out, as for roly-poly pudding or jam roll. When rolled out, fold over, and put into a pudding cloth, and boil for about one hour.

Almond Pudding

4 ounces of ground almonds 8 ounces of white bread crumbs 4 ounces of sugar

2 ounces of melted butter Grated rind of 1 lemon A little grated nutmeg

Mix the bread crumbs, almonds, sugar, lemon and nut-meg together, and add the melted butter; put into a well greased basin; cover with greased paper, and steam for two hours. Serve with any sweet sauce.