Mince Pie



Prepare the paste according to recipe for paste, and use the mince-meat prepared according to either recipe for mincemeat.

Mince-Meat No. 1

1 pound of raisins 1 pound of currants 1 1/4 pounds of apples 1/4 pound each of candied citron, orange and lemon

1 pound of sugar 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 grated nutmeg 1/2 saltspoon of powdered cloves

2 sherry glasses of brandy

Pick and wash the currants, stone the raisins. Peel and slice the apples; they must be weighed after they are prepared. Shred very finely the citron, orange and lemon. Put them all into a large bowl, and mix well, then chop them either on a chopping-board or in a chopping bowl. When the fruit has been sufficiently chopped, return it to the large bowl, and mix in the sugar and spices. Put the mince-meat in a jar and pour the brandy over it. When it is used it should be well mixed, and until it is required must be kept carefully covered. A dessertspoon of mince-meat should be put into a three-inch pie; and as there is no suet in the mincemeat, a piece of butter, the size of a hazel nut, must be placed in the middle of the mince-meat in each pie.

Mince-Meat No. 2

I pound of raisins

I pound of sultanas

1 pound of apples (after they are cored) 8 ounces of pine kernels 8 ounces of chestnuts

12 ounces of mixed peel 8 ounces of brown sugar 1 teaspoon of mixed spice

1 nutmeg

2 lemons

Wineglass each of sherry and brandy

Stone and chop the raisins; pick over and clean the sultanas; peel and core the apples; grind the nuts very finely twice through a good nut-mill; chop the peel very fine; boil the lemons for two hours and chop into small pieces, taking out all seeds; add all together, and mix well, putting the spice and wine in last. Cover tightly and keep about a fortnight before using. Almonds may be used in place of pine kernels.