Macaroni Scallops No. 1

2 ounces pipe macaroni 4 ounces Parmesan cheese 2 ounces butter

2 tablespoons tomato sauce Pepper and salt to taste 6 scallop shells

Cook the macaroni in half a pint of milk and water for half an hour. Drain, and cut up into small pieces, and add one ounce of the butter, with the pepper and salt and all the cheese. Mix it well; grease the shells, and put a little of the tomato sauce in each, and then fill up with the macaroni; sprinkle with bread crumbs and pieces of butter, and put them in the oven to brown for twenty minutes.

Macaroni Scallops No. 2

4 ounces pipe macaroni 2 tablespoons cream 1 small Spanish onion

4 ounces cooked chestnuts

A little butter

2 ounces grated cheese

Pepper and salt to taste

Throw the macaroni into boiling water for half an hour; then drain and chop up very fine with the onion, which has been scalded first. Cook the chestnuts, and pass through a sieve. Mix all together with the cream; butter some scallop shells, and fill them with the mixture. Sprinkle over them a layer of grated cheese, and then one of bread crumbs on top. Cut up the butter in small pieces, and put them on the bread crumbs; brown in the oven for about a quarter of an hour.