Irish Stew No. 1

12 potatoes 6 large onions 1 carrot

2 ounces butter A little parsley Pepper and salt to taste

Cut up the potatoes in one-inch squares; scald, and cut up the onions, chop the carrot and parsley. Boil all together in a pint of water until the vegetables are cooked, but not pulped. Add the seasoning and butter fifteen minutes before serving.

Irish Stew No. 2

3 pounds potatoes 3 large Spanish onions 2 turnips 1 cauliflower

2 ounces butter 1 ounce pearl barley 1 1/2 pints water Pepper and salt to taste

Put the butter in a large saucepan; scald the onions, slice them very thin, and cook in the butter for five minutes, then cut the potatoes into quarters, cut the turnips into one-inch squares, and break the cauliflower into small pieces; wash the pearl barley carefully, and add all to the onions and butter; then add the seasoning and the water last of all. Cover closely, and cook gently for three hours. A little chopped parsley may be added if liked.

The vegetables should be cooked until tender but not long enough to lose their shape and become mushy. It is important, too, that they should be well seasoned.

Irish Stew No. 3

1 pound potatoes 3/4 pound of onions

1 ounce butter 1/2 pint milk

Salt and pepper

The potatoes and onions should both be weighed after peeling. Slice the potatoes and onions, and throw them into cold water; bring them quickly to boiling point, and let them boil for a minute. Drain them, and put them in a double pan; boil the milk, and pour it over them. Season with pepper, and add the butter. Stew for two hours and a half. Half a saltspoon of pepper and salt will season the stew nicely.

Irish Stew No. 4

Cut any cooked vegetables desired into dice, mix well and season with pepper, salt, minced onion, chives, parsley, chervil, or green pepper finely minced. The hash must be moistened with milk or water, half a cupful for a quart of hash. Melt a tablespoon of butter in a frying pan, put in the hash and spread lightly in the pan. Over this put dots of butter, using about a tablespoon. Cover the pan and place where the hash will not burn and cook half an hour, then fold and turn on a hot platter. A rich brown crust will have formed on the bottom of the hash if the heat was sufficient. Serve very hot.