Potato And Onion Pie No. 1

1 pound of potatoes 1 pound of onions 1 ounce butter

1 teacup of milk Pepper and salt Short paste

Slice the onions and potatoes, and put them into cold water. Bring them to boiling point, and boil quickly for three minutes. Put them into a pie dish, and add the butter and the milk, which must be boiling, and season well with pepper and salt. Cover the dish with a stout crust, and bake in a moderate oven for an hour and a half. No time must be lost in covering the pie with the crust, and putting it into the oven, as the potatoes must not be allowed to cool or the flavor will be spoiled.

Potato And Onion Pie No. 2

6 large potatoes 3 large onions

3 ounces butter Pepper and salt

Peel, and wash the potatoes, and cut them into slices about the eighth of an inch thick; slice the onions very thin in rounds. Butter a pie-dish, and put a layer of potatoes at the bottom, then a few pieces of butter, then a layer of onion, pepper and salt, and so on, till the dish is full, leaving onions on top. Cover with plate, and cook slowly in the oven for three hours. Serve with grated cheese. A short crust may be put on this.

Potatoes With Parmesan

1 pound of potatoes 1/2 pint white sauce

2 ounces grated Parmesan

3 ounces bread crumbs

1/4 ounce butter

Prepare the sauce according to recipe for white sauce. The potatoes must be boiled, but they must be firm. Cut them into slices a quarter of an inch thick, and put a layer at the bottom of a pie dish; cover these with a thin coating of the sauce. Repeat this until the potatoes and the sauce are all used. Now sprinkle the Parmesan over the sauce, and cover with bread crumbs. Break the butter in small bits, and place it over the top. Brown in a hot oven for about twenty minutes.

Potato And Onion Pudding

Follow the recipe of potato and onion pie, except to line pudding bowl with crust and cover pudding also with crust. This pudding should be steamed for three hours.

Bohemian Potato Puffs

Put six ounces of mashed potatoes in a saucepan with six ounces of flour, enough water to moisten and a teaspoon of salt. Mix thoroughly and put on the stove until heated through, then beat in a tablespoon of butter. Keep covered for a few minutes. Then remove from the stove, and mash until all lumps are removed and the mixture has the consistency of a smooth paste. Into a deep pan put some butter or vegetable fat and some onions finely minced, and heat them until they become a light brown. Take a tablespoon, and dip it in the hot oil or butter, then cut a spoonful of the potato dough with the same spoon, and put it in the pan, taking care to dip your spoon in the hot oil every time you cut a puff. Let them brown slightly, and serve very hot.

Curried Potatoes

Cut hot boiled potatoes in slices and cover them with a sauce made as follows: Slice six onions, and cook them in two ounces of butter over a slow fire. Add two sliced apples and two sliced tomatoes and cook until well blended; then add one tablespoon of curry powder, one teaspoon of chutney, one teaspoon of vinegar, two ounces of flour, salt and sugar to taste. Moisten with a pint of milk and water. Boil until it is thick, and strain through a tammy.