Sea Kale Soup

1 pound seakale 1 ounce butter 1 pint milk

1/2 gill cream

I pint boiling water

Pepper and salt

Wash, and trim the sea kale, cut it into small pieces, and cook for five minutes in the butter. Add the water, and bring to boiling point. Add the milk, and cook until the seakale is tender - about one hour. Add the cream to the soup. Cook for a few minutes. Season and serve.

Sea Kale Puree

1 pound seakale 1/2 ounce butter

1 pint boiling water 1/2 ounce flour

I pint milk

Cut the sea kale into small pieces, and cook in the butter for five minutes. Add the water, and cook until the seakale is tender. Rub through a sieve. Mix the flour smoothly with a little cold milk. Put the rest of the milk and the seakale into a saucepan; when boiling, add the flour. Cook for ten minutes, season and serve.