Remove all the old leaves. Wash thoroughly, and drain. Then cook in a kettle of boiling water to which has been added salt in the proportion of one tablespoon to four quarts of water. Boil rapidly with the cover off until tender. Pour off the water, and chop the kale fine, then put back in the kettle, and add one tablespoon of butter and two of water for each pint of minced vegetable. Add more salt if required. Cook for ten minutes, and serve at once. The time required for cooking the kale varies from thirty to fifty minutes.

Sea Kale

The young shoots are cooked in the same way as asparagus. The flower heads may be cooked like cauliflower.

Scalloped Sea Kale

Cold boiled sea kale Bread crumbs


Pepper and salt

When any sea kale is left, it can be cut into inch lengths and put into buttered scallop shells, with any remaining sauce and seasoning. Cover with bread crumbs; put bits of butter over the top, and bake in a hot oven for ten minutes.