Apple Gateau

1 pound of apples

3 ounces of loaf sugar

1/2 ounce of vegetable gelatine Juice of 1/2 lemon

I pint of water

Peel and core the apples; cut them into quarters, and stew them with the water, sugar and lemon juice until tender, but not broken. Take them out carefully, and add the gelatine to the liquid, stir until melted, and return the apple for a few minutes. Rinse out a mold with cold water; pour in, and stand until firm.

Jellied Peaches

6 peaches

1 cup sugar

3 cups boiling water

1/4 cup lemon juice 1/3 box - 1/4 ounce - vegetable gelatine

3 dozen almonds

Pare, and cut into halves six peaches. Heat two cups of water and the sugar to boiling, add the peaches, and cook until tender.

Remove, and place each half peach in a sherbet glass or mold.

Prepare a jelly, using the peach juice - of which there should be one and one-half cups, adding water to make the required amount if deficient - the lemon juice, and one cup of water in which has been boiled the vegetable gelatine.

The gelatine should be previously soaked, thoroughly washed and drained. After the jelly has cooled, and begins to slightly thicken, pour slowly into the glasses or molds. When beginning to set, add to each glass two or three blanched almonds split in halves.

Serve with whipped cream.

Jellied Apricots

1 quart can apricots

3/4 cup sugar

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 1/2 cups water

1/3 box - 1/4 ounce - vegetable gelatine

Soak the vegetable gelatine in warm water for twenty minutes or more. Drain, and cook in cup of boiling water. Cook the sugar and the remainder of the water, letting it boil two minutes, then add to the apricots. Strain the cooked vegetable gelatine, and add to the fruit. Turn into molds wet with cold water, and let stand until ready to serve. Un-mold, and serve with whipped cream.

Casserole Of Apples

2 pounds of apples

2 ounces of vegetable gelatine

1 teaspoon of essence of ginger 6 ounces of sugar

Dissolve the gelatine in a pint of cold water, add the sugar and a teaspoon of essence of ginger. Put it into a stewpan, and let it boil for five minutes, taking care it does not burn. Next, put the apples - pared, cored and quartered, into the liquid, to boil until soft but not broken. Take out the apples, and place them in the casserole mold rinsed out with cold water. Strain, and color the liquid with cochineal, and pour it over the apples. Serve cold.