1 pint white beans

1/2 cup cream

Yolks of 2 eggs

1 tablespoonful butter

1 tablespoonful flour

1 tablespoonful chopped parsley

1 teaspoonful onion juice

1 teaspoonful salt

1 saltspoonful pepper

Soak the beans over night, drain, cover them with fresh water, boil an hour, drain, throw the water away, cover with fresh water and boil until tender; drain and press the beans through a colander. Rub the butter and flour together, add the cream, stir until almost boiling, then add the yolks of the eggs. Stir again for a minute over the fire, add the bean pulp and all the seasoning; mix and turn out to cool. When cool, form into cylinders, dip in egg, roll in bread-crumbs and fry in hot fat. Serve plain or with tomato sauce.