The square loaf cuts to the best advantage for squares, fingers or triangles. The whole crust may be removed at first or each sandwich may be trimmed. For fancy shapes or rounds, cut slices lengthwise the loaf and spread after they are shaped. Cream the butter before using it. Hard butter does not spread easily and is apt to tear the bread. For ordinary sandwiches it is best to butter the slice on the loaf, then cut it off as thin as possible.

Sandwiches will keep for hours perfectly fresh if wrapped in a damp napkin or towel and placed in a tin box in a cold place.

Sweet and highly seasoned sandwiches must not be kept in the same box.

Brown Bread And Butter

Remove the first slice or crust from the bottom of the loaf. Spread the bottom of the loaf with soft butter and with a sharp, thin knife cut off a slice. Cut this slice into halves and put the buttered sides together.

Brown Bread And Nuts

Put chopped pecans or peanut butter between slices of brown bread, instead of plain butter.

Farmer's Sandwiches

Rub to a smooth paste a half pint of cottage cheese, adding gradually four tablespoonfuls of melted butter, or olive oil, or thick cream; add salt and black pepper.

Spread the loaf with butter, after you have removed the crust slice; cut off a thin slice, spread it thickly with the cheese mixture, lay over it, if you have them, watercress leaves; cut the slices into halves and press the cheese sides together.

Club Sandwiches

Toast slices of white bread and butter while hot. Put on one slice a thin layer of pecan sausage, then a lettuce leaf, a teaspoonful of mayonnaise, and then another slice of buttered toast. Press the sandwich together, trim off the crust and cut into halves from one corner to opposite, making triangles. Serve warm.

Colonial Rolls

Cut fresh light bread while still warm into very thin slices; butter with soft butter, roll each slice, and tie with narrow ribbon.

Date Sandwiches

Put one pound of stoned dates through a meat chopper, add the juice of one orange and rub to a paste. Spread this mixture between slices of buttered bread; cut into squares, or rounds, or fingers. These are nice to serve with cocoa or chocolate for an evening or as dessert.

Bobotee Sandwiches

Put through a meat chopper two Spanish sweet peppers, a half pint of blanched almonds, one small onion, and one sour apple. Season this mixture with a teaspoonful of curry powder, a half teaspoonful of salt and the juice of one lemon. Mix again and put between thin slices of buttered whole wheat or Graham bread. Trim off the crust and cut into triangles.

Date And Fig Sandwiches

Put a half pound of dates, an equal quantity of washed figs, and a quarter pound of blanched almonds through a meat chopper; add the juice of an orange or a little warm water and pack the mixture into a half-pound baking-powder box. Dip the box in hot water, turn out the mixture and cut it into thin slices. Cut thin slices of buttered bread, put a slice of the date mixture between two slices of bread and press together. These take the place of cookies for children and are much better and more wholesome.