Stuffed Dates

Select ripe soft dates. Remove the stones by cutting a slit at the side; do not tear the date. Put into the space from which you have taken the stone half an English walnut, or an almond or a pecan meat, or, if you like, a mixture of chopped nuts. Put the dates together, roll them in granulated sugar, and they are ready to serve.

To Serve Fresh Figs

Fresh figs should be served in a flat dish of cracked ice.

Stuffed Figs

Select dried pulled figs - figs that have been dried without being pressed together. Split them open on one side, and with a spoon remove the entire inside. Put this pulp in a bowl and add an equal quantity of chopped almonds, pecans or pinons. Roll the mixture into balls, put the balls back into the figs, and arrange them neatly on a pretty mat on a glass dish. These, of course, are used as sweetmeats.

Stewed Figs

Put one pound of pulled figs into a bowl; cover with cold water; add two bay leaves and soak over night. Next morning, turn the figs and the water into a saucepan, bring slowly to boiling-point, and lift them with a skimmer. Boil down the syrup, pour it over the figs, and stand them aside. Serve cold, either plain or with cream.