Egg Sandwiches

Hard boil six eggs. Put through a vegetable press, or chop very fine. Put a leaf of lettuce on a thin slice of buttered bread, over this a teaspoonful of mayonnaise, then a layer of the chopped egg. Dust with salt and pepper and lay on another slice of buttered bread. Press together and trim off the crust. Cut into fingers or triangles.

Fruit Sandwiches

All kinds of mixed dried fruits may be soaked in water for an hour or two, then chopped or ground and used for sandwich filling. Season with lemon, orange, or a little grape juice. Raisins, currants, dried cherries, prunes, and prunelles may be used singly or blended. In blending use a sweet and a sour fruit, as cherries and prunes, raisins and prunes, or prunelles and prunes.

Fresh fruits may be sliced and put between slices of buttered bread, or between slices of sponge cake, or between lady fingers. Raspberries are very nice.

Honolulu Sandwiches

Put one sour pared apple, one red Spanish pepper, one green sweet pepper, and one Neufchatel cheese through a meat chopper. Add a half teaspoonful of salt; mix and spread between thin slices of buttered white or brown bread.

Jam Sandwiches

Spread thin slices of bread with jam; put on each an unbuttered slice, trim off the crust and cut into triangles.

Lettuce Sandwiches

Wash and dry fresh crisp lettuce; put a leaf with a teaspoonful of mayonnaise between two slices of thin buttered bread.

Lettuce And Walnut Sandwiches

Cover each leaf of lettuce with finely chopped walnuts mixed with a little mayonnaise, and put between thin slices of buttered bread.

Mint Sandwiches

Chop the leaves from a dozen stalks of fresh mint, add a little French dressing; spread a thin layer over buttered bread, fold the slice or roll it. Serve with green pea salad at an afternoon or evening tea or luncheon.

Nut Sandwiches

Chop any nuts you may have at hand. Moisten with cream, mayonnaise, or cocoanut cream; add a little salt, and put between thin slices of buttered bread. Trim off the crust and cut into fancy shapes.

Rolled Nut Sandwiches

Cut fresh bread in thin slices with a sharp knife, or steam slices of bread one day old. This may be done in a sieve or colander over a kettle of hot water.

Butter quickly, spread with nut paste as in preceding recipe, roll at once and tie with baby or very narrow ribbon. Trim off the crust before rolling.

Peanut Sandwiches

Spread peanut butter between thin slices of white or whole wheat bread, or water-thin or other crackers.

Tomato Sandwiches

Peel and slice solid small round tomatoes; take out the seeds; cut slices of bread and put on each slice a slice of tomato; fill the spaces from which the seeds were taken with mayonnaise; put over another buttered slice and press lightly. These are sightly and palatable. The tomato may be seasoned with onion or chives and the bread cut into rounds.

Vegetable Sandwich Rolls

Chop two cold boiled potatoes and mix with an equal quantity of well cooked or canned peas; do not mash the peas; add, if you have them, one or two boiled or pickled beets, chopped, and sufficient cream salad dressing to moisten the vegetables. Cut a slice from the top of butter rolls and scoop out the crumb. Be careful not to break the crust. The roll should be just a crust shell. Fill the roll nearly full with the vegetable mixture; on top of this put a tablespoonful of shredded lettuce or finely chopped celery, or some small crisp leaves of chicory; replace the top and serve.

Windsor Sandwiches

Butter and cut thin slices of bread; cut thin slices of pecan sausage; have ready some dry crisp lettuce leaves and a half pint of mayonnaise. Put a slice of nut sausage on a slice of buttered bread; lay on a lettuce leaf, then a teaspoonful of mayonnaise, then another slice of buttered bread, butter side up; on this put another leaf of lettuce, a teaspoonful of mayonnaise and another slice of bread. Press together, trim off the crust, and cut each sandwich into three strips. These are usually tied with baby ribbon.

Nasturtium Sandwiches

Mash one Neufchatel cheese, adding salt, pepper and almond milk. Put a layer of this paste, covered with nasturtium flowers, between two thin slices of buttered bread. Trim off the crust and cut each into four triangles; each triangle should contain one flower.