Cocoanut Milk

Grate three large cocoanuts and put them into a pan with three quarts of boiling water. With a wooden paddle work the cocoanut until it is sufficiently cold to turn into a cloth and wring. Throw the fibre into another pan, put over another quart of boiling water. Stand the first milk aside in a cold place. Work the cocoanut again, and put this milk, after pressing the cocoanut dry, into a separate pan. Throw the fibre away. After standing one or two hours there will be a thick cream on the surface. This is the cocoanut cream, ready for use, and may be served with a little of the cocoanut milk as a sauce for many puddings. The milk may be used as a foundation for cornstarch puddings or custard, or may be thickened for pudding sauce. The top is cocoanut cream; underneath is cocoanut milk.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is made by adding a pint of cold water to each half pint of ground almonds. Stir thoroughly and it is ready for use. The nuts are not strained out.

This recipe will answer for all kinds of nut milk.