Green peas are rich in water; they contain a little mineral matter and some sugar. In the daily bill of fare they are counted as succulent vegetables. They are palatable and easy of digestion. For invalids and children they should be pressed through a colander to remove the hulls; they may then be reheated and served the same as spinach. They are principally digested in the small intestine.

To Boil Green Peas

The sweetness and flavor of green peas depend entirely upon careful cooking. Shell the peas and throw them into cold water for twenty minutes; drain; put into a kettle of boiling salted water. It is not necessary that you have more water than will cover the peas. Boil in an uncovered vessel for twenty minutes, or until the peas are tender. Be sure that they boil continuously. If they are one moment below the boiling-point they will lose their color and become watery. When done, drain; return to the kettle, add a teaspoonful of sugar to each pint of peas, a half teaspoonful of salt, a saltspoonful of pepper, four tablespoonfuls of cream, or a tablespoonful of butter, and two tablespoonfuls of milk. Shake, rather than stir, until the peas are smoking hot. Serve at once in uncovered dish.

Green Peas With Cream Sauce

Boil the peas according to the preceding recipe. After they have been drained, turn into a vegetable dish and pour over a half pint of cream or white sauce.

Peas In Turnip Cups

Select young turnips; pare them carefully; cut off the stem end and scoop out the flesh of the turnip, leaving a wall a half inch thick. Soak these cups in cold water for a half hour and then throw them into boiling unsalted water; cook in an uncovered vessel until they are white and tender. Lift each with a skimmer and drain it carefully. Arrange on a platter and fill with nicely seasoned boiled peas.

Peas, English Fashion

Cook the peas as directed in the first recipe, adding a sprig of mint to the peas when they are first put over the fire.

Sugar Peas

Top and tail the peas, but do not shell them. Soak in cold water an hour; drain; cover with boiling water, adding a teaspoonful of salt to each quart. Boil in an uncovered saucepan thirty minutes. Drain, saving the water for soup or stock. Add to each quart of peas two tablespoonfuls of butter, a half cup of milk, a half teaspoonful of salt and a saltspoonful of pepper. Shake until very hot, and serve.

To Dry Young Green Peas

Shell the peas; throw into a kettle of boiling water; boil rapidly two minutes; drain; spread in a thin layer in tin-pans. Stand in a warm oven; shake frequently until thoroughly dry. Put these into cheesecloth bags that have been lined with waxed paper and keep in a dry place. Soak one hour before cooking.