1/2 pound dates

1 tumbler quince or currant jelly

1 loaf sandwich bread

1/2 pound almonds and pecans, mixed

Trim the crusts from the loaf of bread; cut it into slices and cut each slice into rounds or stars. Cut a small round from the centre of half these slices, using a biscuit-cutter not more than an inch and a half in diameter. Stone the dates, put them through a meat chopper, adding the almonds, blanched, and the pecans. Add enough orange juice or water to make this into a paste. Spread the solid rounds or stars with this date mixture. Butter the other slices, put the butter side next to the fruit mixture and press them together. Put a teaspoonful of jelly in the small hole, and serve plain or with nut cream. These are nice for children's parties or luncheons.