Grind a quart of roasted shelled peanuts either in a nut-grinder or put them through a meat-chopper; add a dusting of salt; split small bananas down one side; open the skin and take out the banana without breaking the skin. The bananas may be sliced and put aside to serve as dessert, or they may be baked and served hot. Pack the ground peanuts into the banana skins, pressing tightly with the hand. Open the skin and take out down the centre two or three teaspoonfuls; close the skin and stand these in a baking-pan and bake in a quick oven twenty minutes. While they are baking, make a plain tomato sauce, seasoning it nicely with a little onion, and cook slowly until quite thick. When the bananas are done, open the shells and put in each about two tablespoonfuls of tomato sauce; dish on a platter and send to the table. Serve with this a dish of carefully boiled rice, plain, or with curry sauce.