Angelica (Archangelica officinalis, Linn.) is a plant somewhat like rhubarb in size and appearance. It is conserved and used in small quantities to flavor puddings; cut into fancy shapes it is used as a sweetmeat and to decorate cakes and cold puddings.

Vanilla Sugar

Split two good oily vanilla beans into halves lengthwise on a white platter or a sheet of white paper. The seeds contain the greater portion of the aroma and flavor. Being small and black they cannot be seen on a dark surface. With a silver knife scrape them out and mix them at once with a half pound of loaf sugar. Beat this in a mortar until the sugar is well broken and dark. Bottle and cork tightly.

The bean shells may be broken into bits, put into a bottle with half alcohol and half water, to use at once. This will keep for a month but not longer.

Vanilla Extract

Cut four good vanilla beans into halves, then into bits, being careful not to lose the seeds. Put them in a quart fruit-jar with a glass top; add a pint of good alcohol. Adjust the rubber and fasten the top securely.