Aspic - A savory jelly used to garnish salads and other cold dishes.

Fringed Celery - Very attractive on mock chicken salad and nut meats in aspic.

Carrots - Blend nicely with green salads, as lettuce and chicory; boil and cut them into fancy shapes.

Nasturtiums - Flowers are pretty on nut and apple salads; banana salad in banana skins looks well in a bed of nasturtium flowers.

Hard-boiled egg - Used on cabbage, mock chicken and German potato salad.

Parsley - Generally used for mock meat or egg dishes; chopped in creamed dishes or stews.

Chervil (Myrrhis odorata, Linn.) is a pungent aromatic plant just a little like anise; is agreeable with lettuce or egg dishes.

Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) is used for salads. A handful in a quart of vinegar will last a year. The leaves may also be dried and powdered for sauces and stews. Tarragon vinegar can be purchased of any grocer.

Capers - Used to garnish mock chicken salad.

Pimientos - Cut into strips are pretty on lettuce, chicory, or mock chicken salads. Chopped and sprinkled over boiled rice for curry or in stews they not only garnish but flavor as well.