Frozen Bananas

1 dozen very ripe bananas

Juice two oranges

1 pint water

1/2 pound sugar

1 pint cream

Peel the bananas and press them through a colander. Boil the water and sugar together for five minutes; when cool, add the orange juice and the banana pulp. Put this into the freezer, pack and stir slowly until frozen; then remove the dasher and stir in carefully the cream whipped to a stiff froth. This may be served at once or repacked.

This recipe will answer for peaches or apricots.

Frozen Strawberries

1 quart strawberries

Juice two lemons

1 pound sugar

1 quart water

Add the sugar and the lemon juice to the stemmed berries; let them stand one hour; then mash through a colander, add the water, and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Pour the mixture into the freezer, and turn slowly until frozen. This may be served at once or repacked.

To serve frozen fruits, heap them in tall parfait glasses and garnish the tops with whipped cream, chopped almonds, or grated macaroons.

This recipe will answer for raspberries, currants or pineapple, using the pineapple grated, and measured after it is grated.