Pineapples should be perfectly ripe, but free from decay. They should be used uncooked. Peel off the outside skin; then with a pair of pineapple nippers take out the "eyes." Hold the pineapple in your hand, crown down, and with a silver fork stick into the flesh at the bottom of the pineapple, pulling out a piece. Continue until you have all the pineapple picked, leaving the core untouched. Serve cold.

Another nice way is to cut around each little flower, using a small sharp knife, keeping the pineapple whole. Stand it on a napkin in a glass dish, and serve by picking out the portions and placing them on a plate with a little powdered sugar.

Pineapple is a digester, and is recommended for many forms of stomach indigestion. Cooked, however, it has no medicinal value.