2 pimientos

1/2 pound grated cheese

24 olives

6 tablespoonfuls thick cream

1 head lettuce, or Romaine

2 cupfuls carefully boiled rice

1/2 teaspoonful paprika

Wash the lettuce and throw it into cold water until very crisp; then shake and dry. Put the cheese in a bowl; add the cream, a saltspoonful of salt and a dash of red pepper; when smooth, form into balls half the size of an English walnut. Cut the pimientos into shreds; stone the olives by paring them around and around, as you would an apple. Make the French dressing, and have it very cold. At serving time, put the lettuce in a bowl; cover over the cold boiled rice; heap in the centre of this the cheese balls and garnish the rice neatly with the shredded pimientos; add the paprika to the French dressing and beat thoroughly; baste it over the salad, and serve at once. Onions or garlic may be added, or a cupful of finely chopped celery.