This should be made from new cider, fresh from the press, and not yet fermented. Fill a porcelain-lined kettle with cider and boil until reduced to half. Then boil another kettleful in the same way, and so continue until you have a sufficient quantity. To every four gallons of boiled cider allow a half bushel of nice juicy apples, pared, cored and quartered. The cider should be boiled the day before you make the apple butter. Fill a very large kettle with the boiled cider, and add as many apples as can be kept moist. Stir frequently, and when the apples are soft, beat with a wooden stick until they are reduced to a pulp. Cook and stir continuously until the consistency is that of soft marmalade, and the color is a very dark brown. Have boiled cider at hand in case it becomes too thick, and more apples if too thin. Twenty minutes before you take it from the fire, add ground cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. It requires no sugar. When cold, put into stone jars and cover closely.