Select large ripe Morella cherries. Stone them carefully, saving all the juice that exudes during the stoning. Weigh the cherries, and to each pound allow a pound of sugar. Put a layer of cherries in the bottom of a bowl, then a sprinkling of sugar, then more cherries and more sugar, continuing until all are used. Cover the bowl and stand it aside for three hours. Boil the juice that has exuded from the cherries and skim it. Turn the contents of the bowl into a kettle with the juice and simmer gently until the cherries are transparent. Drain them on a sieve, spread them out on platters, and stand them in the oven or in the sun until they are dried on the outside. Roll them in granulated sugar, and put them away in wooden or tin boxes.

Most of the conserved and candied cherries sold in the market are bleached, then dyed. As this method is no longer considered hygienic, I give this simple recipe that can be used without danger in every household. If there is no sieve at hand, lift the fruit with a skimmer and hold it over the kettle until it is thoroughly drained, then dry.