Take six large Florida oranges and the same number of lemons. Take off the peel in quarters, throwing it at once into a strong salt water. Cover and stand aside for twenty hours. Then drain, put it into a kettle of clear boiling water and cook slowly one hour. Drain and weigh. To each pound allow a pound of sugar. Put the sugar with a half pint of water to each pound in a preserving kettle. Bring to boiling-point and skim. Put in the lemon or orange rinds and stand them aside for twenty-four hours. If you have a fireless cooker, put them at once into the fire-less cooker. In the morning you will find them transparent and perfectly soft. Lift the peel with the skimmer, put it on platters, cover with glass and stand in the sun until it is crusted or dried on the outside. Now boil the syrup rapidly for fifteen minutes. Add the peel that you have partly dried, and stand it aside again over night. Lift it the next morning, put it out again to dry, dust it thickly with granulated sugar and put it away in tin boxes. The left-over syrup may be bottled, corked and sealed to use during the winter for flavoring puddings, apple sauce, or baked pears.