4 medium-sized potatoes

1 sliced onion

The green portion of a head of celery or a saltspoonful of mashed celery seed

1 tablespoonful flour

1 tablespoonful butter

1 quart milk

1 bay leaf

1 teaspoonful salt

1 saltspoonful pepper

Pare the potatoes and drop into boiling water; boil rapidly five minutes; drain, throw the water away. Return the potatoes to the kettle; cover with a pint of water, add the onion, the bay leaf, celery and pepper. Cover the kettle and cook until the potatoes are tender. Press the whole through a colander. Put the milk in a double boiler; add the butter and flour, rubbed together. Add the potato and salt; cook until simmering hot and not a moment longer; strain the whole through a fine sieve. This soup may be kept warm in a double boiler for about ten minutes; it cannot be reheated after it is once cold.