2 young carrots

1 potato

1 quart boiling water

1 onion

2 tablespoonfuls butter

1 egg

1 bay leaf

1 teaspoonful kitchen bouquet or browning

2 slices bread

1 teaspoonful salt

1 saltspoonful pepper

Scrape and slice the carrots; peel and slice the potato. Put the butter in a shallow pan; when hot add the vegetables; shake until they are well browned; then put them into the soup-kettle with the water; add the bay leaf, the salt and pepper; simmer thirty minutes; press through a sieve; return, to the kettle; add the kitchen bouquet. Cut the bread into dice; beat the egg without separating; add the bread, and stir until each piece of bread is covered with the egg. Lift the bread from the egg, drop it into the soup, bring to boiling-point, and serve.