1 cupful milk

1 cupful flour

3 eggs

1 saltspoonful salt

Beat the eggs without separating until light; add the milk. Pour this gradually into the flour, to which the salt has been added, beating all the while. Strain through a sieve. Grease the cups, which should be iron gem-pans or china cups, put them in the oven, and, when very hot, take them out and fill them quickly half full of this thin batter. Put them back in the oven and bake three-quarters of an hour. They should be at least four times their original size. If they fall, they are not thoroughly done. If the oven is too hot, they will not swell; if the oven is too cold, they will be simply a custard. You must learn to regulate the oven with an indicator or a thermometer. With a chemical thermometer the oven should register 360 Fahr.; with an oven indicator the hand will be at seven at the start, and gradually increase until it reaches eight.