Put two rounded teaspoonfuls of baking-powder and a half teaspoonful of salt into a quart of flour. Sift once or twice. Rub in quickly two tablespoonfuls of shortening, either table butter, cocoanut butter, or nut butter, or, if you have cream, omit the shortening and moisten the flour with the cream. After adding the shortening, add a cup and a half of milk. The dough must be moist but not wet. Add the milk gradually, because if you have too much milk and you add it all at one time you cannot add more flour to the dough, or the biscuits will be hard and tough. Turn the biscuits out on a floured board and roll them quickly into a sheet a half inch thick; cut with a small round cutter. Brush the tops of the biscuits with milk and bake in a quick oven twenty minutes. This recipe will answer for rye, Graham, whole wheat and white flour.