1 quart kidney beans

1/2 pint English walnuts

1/2 pint black walnuts

1/2 pint pecans

1/2 pint almonds

1 can pimientos

1 tablespoonful salt

1 saltspoonful black pepper

Soak the beans over night; next morning drain, cover with fresh boiling water, boil twenty minutes; drain, throw the water away, cover again with fresh water, and boil until tender; press through a colander. Chop the nuts and pimientos. Add them, with all the other ingredients, to the beans. Form into a small ham and place on a greased paper; brush with melted butter; bake in a moderate oven one hour. When done, take out the ham, brush it again with butter, dust it thickly with breadcrumbs and brown. Serve this cold, cut into thin slices,