The spirit as well as the letter of this book is universally needed. Over-eating of meat has had its day, and has left us as a reminder much sickness and sorrow.

Most "vegetarian" cook-books that have come under my notice contain many unhygienic, indigestible, tasteless and unattractive dishes.

I cannot believe that a dish is wholesome or to be specially recommended simply because it is made entirely from vegetable materials. For instance, a pie made from vegetable fats rubbed with flour is no more acceptable to the stomach than one made from sweet butter and flour. Heated fats are never to be looked upon with favor.

It is not my purpose in this book to promulgate any cult, nor have I written it to show the wisdom of a strictly vegetable diet. My aim is to present clearly, concisely and simply, in a logical fashion, the best meat substitutes and their artistic and hygienic accompaniments.

Sarah Tyson Rorer