Tomato Salad

Put small, smooth, round tomatoes into a wire basket and plunge them in hot water; drain, remove the skins, and stand at once in a very cold place or on the ice. When ready to serve remove the hard part from the stem end, turn each tomato upside down on a lettuce leaf, put a spoonful of mayonnaise on the top of the tomato, and serve at once.

Tomatoes en Surprise Salad

1 onion

1 small green pepper

1 small cucumber

6 solid tomatoes

1 cupful grated cheese

1 head lettuce

1/2 pint mayonnaise dressing

1 teaspoonful paprika

1 saltspoonful salt

Wash and remove the seeds from the pepper and chop it fine; peel the cucumber and throw it into cold water; scald and peel the tomatoes; when very cold, cut a slice from the stem end, remove the seeds and the hard core. Wash and dry the lettuce. Chop the cucumber; add it to the pepper; add the onion, chopped, half the paprika and the salt. Fill the mixture into the tomatoes. Turn them upside down on the lettuce leaves. Mix two tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise and the paprika with the cheese; form into tiny balls; stand one or two balls with each tomato on the lettuce leaves; put a tablespoonful of mayonnaise on top of each tomato and use at once.

Ceylon Tomato Salad

Peel the tomatoes, cut into halves and press out the seeds; cut the flesh into dice and stand aside until very cold. When ready to serve, put a tablespoonful of the tomato into a crisp lettuce leaf, put on top a tablespoonful of Ceylon salad dressing, and send to the table.

Crisp cucumbers may be chopped and served with Ceylon dressing as an accompaniment to mock fish.