The soft or silver maple (Acer dasycarpum, Erhr; A. saccharinum, Linn) is much used in the East and Southeast. The Western type is a clean, thrifty tree when planted, but has lost in popular favor, as it is liable to be broken by storms and sleet. But this can be avoided by giving the upright form shown in Fig. 90. It runs into varying varieties as grown from seed. Among those propagated, Wier's cut-leaved is most valuable perhaps for giving variety to group-planting.

Properly shaped shade tree

Fig. 90. - Properly shaped shade tree.

313. The Red Maple (Acer rubrum)

The Red Maple is used to some extent at the East and Southeast for ornamental planting, on account of its bright-red flowers and fruit and its varied-colored leaves in autumn. As found native in Wis-consin, the species varies in form, becoming more compact and more closely resembling the native sugar maple.