While grafting and winding keep the grafts as finished under a damp cloth. In packing set the box on end as shown in Fig. 43. A layer of sandy earth is followed by a layer of grafts until the box is full. In filling, the grafts are kept pressed down tightly. This plan is followed with all root- and crown-grafts.

The storing of the packed boxes of grafts in a common cellar subjects them to changing conditions of air as to heat and moisture and often develops what is known as the graft-box fungus. The best quarters for storing the grafts is in a dirt-covered cave. During winter and early spring the cave is kept cold by opening early in the evening and keeping it closed during the day. If the air at times is several degrees below freezing the earth-packed grafts will not be harmed. To avoid disease, and to keep the grafts dormant until planting-time, the cave must be kept as cool as possible. The writer has had graft-boxes frozen up solidly for a period of over one month and secured a better stand in nursery than we have ever known with grafts kept in a warm cellar.

Fig. 43. - Box set on end for packing root grafts.